Servage hosting gives a lot for only a small price, but before you sign up, it’s good to know what you’re getting into. So what do you get? At time of writing you got:
  • 750GB diskspace
  • 7500GB/month data transfer
  • 1 free domain
  • unlimited ftp accounts, mail accounts
  • 1000 MySQL databases
  • unlimited domain hosting (you need to have the domain of course)

Of course you pay a price for wanting it all for cheap, so what can you expect? As I still use only a fraction of the 750GB diskspace and generate not that much traffic, It’s hard to say if Servage will indeed live up to expectations here. The free domain is still working fine, it’s even renewed for the free months you can earn with bringing in new customers (more about this later).


After using Servage for my e-mail for a few years I decided to switch to google mail. My experiences where not that good with Servage. On several occasions the IMAP server has been unreachable or giving errors that password was incorrect. Their SMTP servers have had several incidents with spam, resulting in their servers being blacklisted. The worst incident has been a change of policy that for performance reasons the messages in your main mailbox older than 6 months are removed automatically. Of course, this change wasn’t communicated to the users after it was rolled out, resulting in the loss of mail for many customers, including me.


Seems to work all right, although performance is not great. Hard to give reliable figures as I’m living in Australia so performance of the internet is seldom great. I believe there’s bandwidth throttling on FTP. You can easily make FTP accounts from the control panel and lock the users to a certain directory. The FTP servers also support FTPS (FTP using SSL) so you can worry a little bit less about security and passwords going plain-text over the net.


Have had some incidents with the webserver not able to reach the database but most of the time those problems resolved within a few minutes. Database performance seems to be okay but not great. You’ve got the usual tools to manage your database instances, some simple backup tools and mysqladmin. Have only used about 20 database instances, but it did seem to hold up reasonably well.


Have had some small incidents with my sites not reachable, but generally it seems to work and pages are served with acceptable speed. Again, I’m down under so everything is kinda slow that’s overseas for me. On another users account who I have supported with commercial application there has been an incident with the filesystem being messed up, was easily fixed by moving some directories around but still it shouldn’t have happened.


Well, can be better, there has been an incident with my site being hacked and a trojan being placed, Servage plays dumb and doesn’t say anything about a security breach, some Googling showed more users had same problems around the same time. Generally there’s not much happening and things are okay. Still better keep an eye out on your web pages (but guess that’s a good thing to do wherever you host your pages).


There are some simple statistics and you can activate some extended statistics. Somehow on my account extended stats are automatically reset randomly after a few weeks or so, support wasn’t helpful and as stats aren’t really great anyway consider something like Google Analytics if you really want to know who visits what on your server.


When contacting support usually they start with blaming you (very politely of course) but after being persistent and showing that it’s not you, sometimes they can help you in the end. Often their proposed solution is moving you to another cluster, meaning downtime of your site for a day or so.

Control Panel

Nothing really special, can map your sites to hostnames, manage domains, ftp accounts, mail accounts, databases and install some popular php apps. Their login is ‘protected ‘ by gotcha’s and somehow I always have to make several attempts before the gotcha is accepted. You can also limit login to the country you’re in (so only ip’s assigned to your country are accepted).

Free months (and space)

If you get others to sign up using your referral code you get 2 months and some extra disk space. Your free domain is also extended with the 2 extra months. I’ve only paid for one year and got the rest for free with expire date already so far in the future that hosting probably doesn’t make sense anymore when my account expires.