Besides several personal websites, my company website and some sites of friends I use Servage as off-site backup. The changes of my housing catching fire and Servage loosing my data on the same day is hopefully neglectable. Of course, I still make regular backups on an external disk. I’ve read about incidents of people having their .mp3 collection removed by Servage with as notice the collection could be infringing copyright, even when the collection was put in a private directory. If you place sensitive documents on Servage, consider encrypting them first.

A more advanced way to backup and easy file sharing between several computers and/or clients is using a solution like SugarSync or Dropbox. SugarSync has the advantage of support for several mobile devices like Android Phone, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Dropbox is better integrated with the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Both offer a free account with 2GB storage.